Author Topic: anyone got pics of streches and or hard panels in rear quarters  (Read 3366 times)

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builden a sammy and doin a 18" stretch and want to see what people have done and liked for hard panels also if you got pics or good info on 22re swap thanks


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I have nerver seen a set of metal rear quarter panel covers for a Zuk. Olny aluminum diamond and I bought them from Trail

Streched to 95" on leaf springs

Stretched to 115" linked on coils

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I like how mine came out. I used some heavy sheet steel, about 1/16th, and it took almost the entire 4x8 sheet to build the walls and fenderwells and fender extensions, boat sides, etc. I cut off the tail, built the bed out of light 1.5x1.5 steel, tacked the tail on the end, and made the bed out of an old Toyota bed :D.

edit: that didn't make sense  :smack:

The bottom of the bed is cut from the bottom of a toyota, I mean. The side rails of the light 1.5 square tube, offset to make that "stepped" bit at the top that Zuks have, as I didn't have access to a bunch of Samurai sheetmetal.

here's the "before"
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A few of my fellow club members have stretched theirs I've got some pics at home I'll post up.
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i have a bunch of pics of one i have, but cant put any up!...LOL.


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