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Re: NOPVMNT: H8PVMNT's new job...
« on: Sep 12, 2018, 02:46:04 PM »
Something horrible with the rubber band gun isnt near as bad as we used to have to do it. My step grandpaw has a couple hundred head of beef cow and I remember as a kid having to use the case knife on them little fellers as two grown men would have them by the back leg in a chute.   :yikes:

I met my Uncle at a rancher's house in Yuma, AZ mid '80s. The Mexican cowboys were cutting off the rocky mountain oysters and cooking them over a brush fire within a minute or food trucks within miles...
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85 PU LB, blown 22re, donor truck for Montana Runner (3rds) and 84 PU (W56)
89 4runner on a 94 PU chassis (Montana Runner), no drive train, 3rds, or engine


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