Author Topic: 86 4runner with hydro assist , power steering stopped working?  (Read 948 times)

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i put hydro assist on this about a year and a half ago and have never had a problem with it. Recently  i noticed pump leaking though  so i thought i would buy a reseal kit from toyota , i got it installed everything went fairly smoothly and topped her off with some fresh power steering fluid.
 i did a snow run the next weekend and it worked like normal when i got home i checked for leaks and all looked good. then yesterday i went to do another snow run and about half way through the day my steering started getting really stiff and eventually it seemed like my power steering wasnt working at all let alone my hydro assist. i havent checked it out too much but my fluid seems to be full and i dont have any leaks or wierd noises. if im sitting still it is darn near impossible to turn my wheels i have 37's, it doesnt seem to matter if i rev my engine up or not either. when im drivin up to speed i can turn but i believe that is just because im moving fast. when im driving slow like below fifteen it is still pretty hard to turn my wheels. It really seems like i just do not have power steering like my pump isnt working or something . Any info would be appreciated , Thanks


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You might a pinched/kinked line that isn't allowing the fluid to pass through or pass through very slowly. Is your pump makin any noises? Your pump could have died, or a seal was put in wrong.


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