Author Topic: Interco Tire Corp vs. The Rest  (Read 11281 times)

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Re: Interco Tire Corp vs. The Rest
« on: Oct 09, 2006, 05:19:27 PM »
aren't the toyos really expensive? ..compared to MT/Rs or BFG MTs

well not neccessarily I spent only 205 a tire for my 37x14.50x15 toyos and granted they have gone up in price I still can get them for 225 a piece if I wanted to right now.  The problem that Toyo is having though is they can't build enough of them.   Schawbs is backordered for 3 months on a number of sizes because they keep selling out of them everywhere. 

yes they are a little more expensive....if I could afford it I would like to try running some Maxxis Creepy crawlers....

It seems like hardly anyone runs them

I will own a set of the Maxxis Creepy Crawlers someday for my buggy because they are a really good tire it seems.  The guy I bought my Krawlers from just got on the race program for Maxxis and he is running the Creepy Crawlers on both of his buggys.  They have an AMAZING amount of tread depth to them and really are a stick tire for the rocks.  I don't know how well they do in the snow and mud ut I would imagine that they would do far better than the BFG Krawlers.


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