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**MOAB** Metal Masher 7\14\06 *VIDEO*
« on: Jul 17, 2006, 03:02:01 PM »
Video highlights from Metal Masher last firday.   :usa:
We went out with the entire family. My parents on the quads, and the girls and I in the toyota. The first time that I ran this trail during EJS a few years ago I ended up shearing the pinion gear  :tantrum: right after mirror gulch and had to come out in FWD. I havn't been back since, that is until Friday.
Somehow  :dunno: (the sign was broken) we ended up running it backwards, and I still didn't make it out unscathed.  :shakehead:
I climed rock chucker and came around to do it again and bumbed the front of the truck pretty hard in that crack just off the side. Truck died, tried to start it again and nothing... just barley a click. Popped the hood everything looked fine, connections tight etc. Jumped it with with the Honda, moved it about 20 feet and it died again.  This time with a strong sulpher smell coming from the Optima.  It was toast.  :flamer: Ran back to town on the Quad, got a new battery at ALCO ( love that store!!) got back to the truck right below Rock chucker just before dark swapped batteries and came home.
All in all a pretty fun time with the family and parents.
Did I mention that I love living in Moab. :yesnod:
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You have a Jeep?  That's cute.... So does Barbi.


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