Author Topic: RockAssault rear housing - go OEM E-locker? Or ARB etc?  (Read 5517 times)

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RockAssault rear housing - go OEM E-locker? Or ARB etc?
« on: Oct 14, 2019, 12:51:56 PM »
Long story short:
 Is it worth it to buy an OEM Toyota E-locker-specific Samurai-offset Rock Assault housing & track down one of these OEM Factory E-locker 3rd members? Or am I definitely better off going with an ARB or other aftermarket & buying a standard Rock Assault Samurai-Toyota housing?
I may be able to get a used 3rd gen 96-00 4Runner (auto trans, 16" wheels - 4.30 gears?????) rear diff if my buddy doesnt try to swap it to his 92 or 94 extracab 4wd 5sp. rear leaf spring pickup. That is not gauranteed  tho & he may keep it as spares for his 300,000 mile Tacoma E-locker rear.

I have an '85 pickup factory trussed front axle with spacer to make it same as my current full floater samurai-offset Toyota 8" rear.  Are there good lockers to put in the fronts as well? I've been debating a limited slip up there. A Detroit/Eaton True-Trac was one of the top picks, but I have heard that these can cause treacherous handling around slick cornering conditions such as greasy clay or snow, ESPECIALLY on a short wheelbase Samurai.
eventually I plan on getting a long wheelbase Samurai Aqualu body tub to build this thing into the ultimate rig that will last me another 30 or 40 years to my grave! I'm not sure if the added wheelbase will make this a little easier to handle, or if I should just keep it open or find a selectable locker.

Honestly a cable locker would be my top preferred choice, but having on board air to pump the tires back up would be a good thing anyway.

Opinions on OEM E-Locker rear & Rock Assault specific e-locker housing -vs- ARB/etc into standard housing???? I may or may not be able to get it a smoking deal on a rusted up 4Runner e locker rear end...

Also the question about what to do for the front, open, limited-slip auto locker, or another selectable locker? With the Samurai wheelbase, both standard and Canadian long-wheelbase
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A big selling point on my Samurai purchase was it's Toyota axles, particularly the rear that was in an offset Samurai type aftermarket housing in IFS width, I believe an old Sky Mfg. housing, & with a full floater rear retrofit. Very nice. '85 Toyota pickup factory trussed front with spacers.
I have a leaking axle seal, and just eyeballing it, I might have a slightly bent rear housing that is causing the leaking seal. A locker swap would be motivation to upgrade to a Sami-Yota RockAssault housing for sure. HEAVY-DUTY!

The Trail Gear Rock Assault Samurai-offset housings which offer 3/8" more tube clearance & 3/4" more diff clearance, & are as tough as they come...
They offer them in both factory e-locker pattern, and standard 8".  Is there a difference in the V6 8" housing or 3rd member bolt pattern vs the standard 4cyl 4wd? I'm still trying to figure out exactly what I have. It's 4.56 & open.
Full floater & rear disc conversions.
Anyhow, back to the lockers.


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