Author Topic: U.S. troops killed aboard Chinook, avenged!  (Read 886 times)

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U.S. troops killed aboard Chinook, avenged!
« on: Aug 11, 2011, 01:22:34 AM »
I saw no post about the Chinook that was shot down a few days ago, but I'm sure you all heard about the Navy SEALs, USAF Combat Controllers and Army 160th SOAR Soldiers killed the other day...

Well, I'm deployed to Afghanistan right now, I am an engine mechanic on F-16s and I am here with my Aircraft Maintenance Unit, our ops squadron (pilots) and 18 of our jets.  After the incident the other day our aircraft were sent out to avenge what happened, and our pilots and jets performed amazingly.  I just wanted to share the story with you guys....

An airstrike involving American fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft killed the Taliban leader responsible for the ambush that killed 38 U.S. and Afghan forces over the weekend, according to the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan.
The Tuesday airstrike killed Mullah Mohibullah and another insurgent who fired the shot that brought down a CH-47 Chinook on Aug. 6, killing the 30 U.S. troops aboard.

Military officials announced the airstrike Wednesday morning. Gen. John Allen, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, told reporters about the mission during a video conference at the Pentagon.

Air Force F-16s and an AC-130H, as well as Army AH-64 Apache helicopters conducted the operation, a spokesman for NATO troops in Afghanistan told Air Force Times.

The F-16s dropped GBU-38 and GBU-54 bombs, and the Spectre fired its 105mm and 40mm cannons. The Apaches attacked insurgents with 30mm cannons.

Mohibullah’s death came after an “exhaustive manhunt” stemming from “multiple intelligence leads and tips from local citizens,” according to a release from the International Security Assistance Force, the NATO-led coalition in Afghanistan.

The two men were killed while trying to flee the country. Troops tracked the men into a wooded area of the Chak district of Wardak province. The F-16 then dropped the bomb, killing Mohibullah, the shooter and several others.


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