Author Topic: Hilux G58 drivetrain vs Rock crawler/Dual cases  (Read 2077 times)

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Hilux G58 drivetrain vs Rock crawler/Dual cases
« on: Jan 20, 2005, 10:15:15 AM »
I have just spent the afternoon searching the net for more info regarding the Hilux gearboxes and transfercases and afterward went out to check the ID-plate in my 1990 LN110 Hilux XCab with a 2,4 l diesel and 5 speed manual gearbox. The truck is delivered new in Norway and differs in some cases from your US versions.

It turns out that the ID-plate tell me about a G58 gearbox, a 26 spline chain driven transfer case. BUT counting the 7 bolts on the rear cover, it turns out to be a gear driven transfer case and not the 26 spiline G58 box anyway  ::)

The transfer case is a "forward shift" case but this will noot tell if this is a 21, 23 or 26 spline case. Anybody have any idea what i can be and how I can idetify it ?

Up to now I have been running 35" tyres and changed from original 4,30:1 to 5,13 gears in the diffs, but know I have cuttet the sheet metal to fit 38,5" tires and would probably need lower gears...
The 5,13 gears are taken from a scrapped Toyota Hiace 4x4 diesel van, (sold new here in Norway, I don't think you have them in the US) and they have 8 teeth on the pinion and 41 teeth on the ring. Its close to perfect for the 35"  :)
(some pictures at
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sounds like you've most likely got a W56 transmission, the later ones were forward-shift. 

5.13 gears?  i bet a lot of people here would like those to match up with dana axles...

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Yes, I also think it would be the W56, but the ID plate is confusing me  :)

If this is a 21 or 23 spline W56 gearbox, the only solution for crawler gears will then be to replace the 2,28:1 with a 4,0 or 4,7 gears and since this is forward shift, I do not have the possiblity for a dual case, if I understandf correctly ?

The 5.13 gears are some original Toyota parts, but here in Norway they will charge about 1.000,- USD each set !!!!
Since I still have the IFS up front, I have one set 7,5" up front and one 8" in the rear, both taken form the scrapped 1987 Hiace 4x4 van. Nobody buy these new, those who use them are taking them from scrapped cars. Both 7,5" and 8" do have 8/41 teeth on the P/R.

A lot of "hardcore" offroaders here in Norway claim the best gearing is the 4,88 with 8/39 teeth and that the 5,29 with 7/37 teeth are too week, not to talk about the 5,71 gearing... Therefor the 5,13 would be just as strong as the 4,88 but still give lower gearing.


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You can get a dual transfer case.  You can use your t-case right now for the front gearbox and then you can buy a top shift case and adapter for the rear.  You can have either a topr shift or forward shift in the front box.  but you have to have a top shift for the rear box.


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