Author Topic: Good to Best engine rebuild kits for the 22R engine...and places to get extras  (Read 2433 times)

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:help:  attempting to rebuild a 22r that had a blown head gasket,then when the guy started to do the work. :smack:.broke the egr and possibly some other stuff to..I AY BE PUTTING MY 7M-GE ENGINE OUT OF MY TRUSTY 86 1/2 TOYOTA sUPRA THAT i WAS GOING TO SELL ..BUT THIS MIGHT BE A BETTER ENDING FOR IT ..THE TRUCK IS AN  :thumbdown: THOUGH....I am wonderin if the five speed manual out of the Supra might work too in the switch,if I go that way..I was told the engine will swap on another post with the 5m-ge bellhousing..but I wasn't sure if I got an answer on if the manual trans will work in the truck and hold up and be strong enough for the fun I want to have.. :drooling: I plan on putting a dual ultimate crawlbox in the truck..two 4.7 gearsets :driving: I also was wondering if the drivelines from the supra are sronger than the stock trucks or not to see if they would be the best to modify for the crawlbox setup?It has two with a carrier bearing so if that will work might give me a spare set of anything else off the supra that could be used to better the vehicle and save money couldn't hurt..and will see me wheeling sooner.. :burnout: My wife wants my new 07 Tacoma to haul around the rig that gets beat and thrashed..and least till my warranty expires..I only have 1200 miles on it now! And had to buff some scratches from the clearcoat because I couldn't get out a trail I came in on,and the only way out was overgrown with brush...lot's of hell for that one.. :blah:  :hammerhead:  any help would be appreciated..THANKS ALL
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Toyota1 has nice kits very complete with lots of quality parts for $279 (209)toyota1 (209)869-6822 209-869-6821


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Toyota1 has nice kits very complete with lots of quality parts for $279 (209)toyota1 (209)869-6822

OK I'm not a moderator or anything, but rather than writing your post as if you're a enthusiast/customer of Toyota 1 why not just say "Hey I operate Toyota 1 and I sell some very nice engine kits and I would like to invite you to check them out..." .  Sounds like you have a pretty good deal but the way you are posting this just seems kind of deceptive. Looking over your site it seems lke you have a nice shop and know your stuff. Instead of spamming why not just come on here and make a few buddies, then you get business from them anyway.

Also your replying to a post that's like 8 years old, come on man!
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Nick, 209Toyota1, first of all welcome to Marlin.  We hope that you can give us information that is beneficial to our community. 

I see your first post you introduced yourself as a Toyota rebuilder, and a businessman, but it was in somebody else's post.  I would recommend that you start out with a introduction post.   I would recommend that if you have a product that can help members on this board, just refer them to your signature.  I would put your website in the signature box too.   So, you don't have to keep advertising your business in your posts.  We have other business's that do this, and it makes each post seem more personal, instead of an advertisement.  I went to your site, and you do seem to do really nice work, and would like to help support you one day.  It's just a turn off for some.  And its kinda bad taste to be posting your business on another business's website/forum without the owner's consent.  I would recommend that you call MarlinCrawler and talk to Mike, or PM Bigmike;u=122 about advertising on their site. Or since your in Modesto, maybe a drive to their facility and see them personally.  I don't see a issue, since you don't sell parts that would conflict with MarlinCrawler.  But Mike has final say.  I recommend this to everyone that tries to sell a new product on this site.  Even if its somebody that has a laser cutter/CNC or whatever in their garage.   

So please, help contribute to our little community, and some of us can help you in return.  I have been thinking of some EGR delete plates, so I might be contacting you on yours.   :thumbs:

 :welcome: to Marlin!!

Miss ya Dean (4THEWKN) & Kyle (KYOTA)!!

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