Author Topic: license plate bracket 1997 tacoma for marlin crawler rear bumper  (Read 473 times)

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I have a 1997 tacoma, 4 wheel drive, 5 speed v6 with 80,000 miles that has a some dents in the rear bumper, otherwise it is in perfect stock condition. I use the truck for camping with some off road use. no rock crawling.
The shop I go to highly recommends a  marlin crawler over a stock bumper from amazon,  The Marlin looks like great looking bumper.
My concerns are, where does the  rear license plate attach? I do not want to drill any hole in my tail gate. I want to keep the license plate in the same location,  In the center of the bumper behind the Marlin, under the tail gate. Will that work? It looks like I need a license plate light to keep it legal. Has anyone done this?
Does any one have clear pictures showing the MC bumper and how they attach their license plate?

Any help  on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

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