Author Topic: KILL WHITEY. SqWADoosh's next folly. 1997 FZJ80  (Read 9455 times)

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I opened the garage and exhaled loudly through my nose at it a few weeks ago.  :outtahere:


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I opened the garage and exhaled loudly through my nose at it a few weeks ago.  :outtahere:

In disgust?
Come on man!

I am 1/5th of Perfect Fit
SqWADoosh [04:19 PM]: *sigh* I guess Chris is right and I just need to wait until I'm in a place where I have a tow rig and trailer before I get this caliber of truck
Mudder [08:28 PM]:   not try to be a jerk, but are you serious bestgen?
Prismo [06:11 PM]:   Done, time to relax or as Bestgen says....FREEDOM!
HogCanyonHopper [06:54 PM]:   I like my little rod. it gets the job done
H8PVMNT [03:30 PM]: I can go both ways.

John Doe

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I dont know if you have 1 already or not, but if you are looking for a RHD double ended steering arm for your Y-link steering I have 1 that I did not use.
My 85 4Runner build

peacesells: "Its kinda fun tryin to avoid body damage, just like playing operation with different sound effects"


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