Author Topic: The all-new 1990 Daihatsu Rocky  (Read 28862 times)

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Re: The all-new 1990 Daihatsu Rocky
« Reply #180 on: Sep 01, 2018, 03:41:42 AM »
I plan to put on a carb and simplify my life. The temperature sender never worked anyway, (I think something to do with incompatibility between the charade and rocky parts) so I'll use the aftermarket gauge I put in. The oil pressure warning light is driven by a switch, at most I will need a resistor to make that work. The charging circuit on the alternator should be the same voltage, and I'm going to start out with the Daihatsu alternator anyway, so the battery light in the dash should work.

Aside from that, there isn't much wiring on a carbureted engine. But surprises are the name of the game here, and I'm sure I'll run into something I don't expect. Maybe once it's working I'll figure out how to get the 22RE in there. That will probably involve a new wiring harness and a new gauge cluster, at least.


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