Author Topic: The Diablo Rojo: An ordinary Toyota becomes a field truck  (Read 10669 times)

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Did you think this thread was dead? Well, you were wrong. It was only in an extended coma.

I've done some thinking over the weeks about what direction I want this to take, and have come up with a list of goals. Things I do will be centered around these goals.

In no particular order:

 -- Complete dependability. I want a vehicle that I could take 50 miles into the mountains in the dead of winter with total confidence that it wouldn't strand me.
 -- Durability. I want to keep this thing for at least another 20 years or 200,000 miles. And I want to do so without having to fix stuff every other week.
 -- Good gas mileage: I HATE driving something that gets less than 20 MPG.
 -- Enough off-road ability (within the first three constraints) to navigate unmaintained mountain roads. However, if I have to walk, that is usually not a problem.
 -- Learning. As stated many times before, I know practically nothing about anything automotive. Hopefully, if I ever attain the first four goals, I'll have learned more than anyone ever wanted to know.

I know, I know. I'm trying to fight entropy, and I've set some steep goals here. But these goals are what I work towards when contemplating modifications or upgrades.

One note: I'm taking my lead from a few others here on my build thread. I try to be tolerant of chit-chat, but please be aware that I reserve the right to delete posts that I think are too non-constructive or off topic. For the sake of others who may want to follow in my footsteps or learn from my mistakes, I want this thread to have a high signal/noise ratio.


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