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Re: 22RE Rebuild
« on: Jan 08, 2016, 12:40:53 AM »
Yep knucklebuster is right , I built my 22re with parts from 22re performance, I couldn't afford to have jim build me one so I opted to get all the parts , have him do all the machine work , which included a ported head and bored over block and I just assembled it all myself ,I will say this is the most solid running 22re I've done , built a few for buddies using other rebuild Kits and they work but I wanted the best and Jim is a good guy and wanted my $ to stay local , I do a lot of business with him so he hooked me up on parts as well , my 85 runner has been through 2 other 22res and I plan for this one to stay in there for a long time , I got maybe 50k or more on it now and it still runs just as strong as when I put it  together, deffently has more power then other 22res I've had and with 37s and now 35s my runner is quick for a crawler

You made the right choice man , sucks you gotta wait that long but it'll be worth it , just make sure you break it in right , get your injectors sent out for a rebuild if you arnt getting new ones too
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