Author Topic: T100 Family Wheeler. AKA the Mutant Turtle  (Read 17882 times)

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Re: T100 Family Wheeler. AKA the Mutant Turtle
« on: Dec 12, 2016, 03:42:16 PM »
not a whole lot of progress because i only had about 2 hours to work on it but i got the bevel ground on the housing and the knuckles so i could put the extensions in and the knuckles back on to see what the overall width is really looking like.

so from CL of trunion axis to the other CL of trunion axis on the housing i measured approximately 54-1/4", and the strait axle knuckle and hub assemble measured roughly 5" from trunion axis to WMS. that would put me around 64-1/4". I have IFS hubs to swap on that should put me at 67-1/4" or a little more if i dive into the tacoma brake swap from FROR or similar.

looks like this axle width should be right about perfect for the T100.

just need to get it all built.  my plan is to cut off the diff cover and re install the 3rd and dry fit the knuckles, IFS hubs and axle shafts i have and make sure my measurements are correct then start cutting the rear apart to widen the FJ80 rear to match. I still need to machine the spacer for that and cut the cut to length shaft from nitro.

after i get both those figured i am going to borrow an alignment jig from a friend and get the whole assembly dialed and caster set to where i think it will be and weld everything but the knuckle so i can fine tune later for the front. Rear i will probably just leave the spring perches off for now.


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