Author Topic: T100 Family Wheeler. AKA the Mutant Turtle  (Read 14257 times)

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Re: T100 Family Wheeler. AKA the Mutant Turtle
« on: Nov 27, 2015, 01:03:03 PM »
well i used black friday discount to order up my coilovers today!!! :clap: :clap:

went with 2.0-14" FOA remote resi shocks with med/firm compression and light med rebound. most reccomended med comp and light reb but i figure i  would like to try a slightly stiffer shock and lighter tender spring to be able to have a plush ride while still limiting some body roll.

I also went with 250/400 springs to assuming a 1085 sprung corner weight, mounting the coilover right over the axle and only leaned in 10  250/400 gave me a initial spring rate of 154lb/in and initial suspension frequency of 1.160. also a stepup ratio of 260% to hopefully avoid hard bottoming.  I was shootiung for 50 % droop, but we will see if i can really get that type of up travel. might need to go softer on the initial and add droop once i get to start fabbing.

luckily daves offroad has a spring exchage program so i can play with them before driving it too much and see if i need to swap.

shocks, springs, limit straps, and air bump cans came out to only 637 bucks!

now need to buy v6 adapter, rear axle shaft to center the fj80 housing and my triple shifters.

might wait on the triple stick as that is the only slush i have in the budget right now incase i need to fix something else i didnt account for. I do have bucketsw i can install instead of the bench, just dont want to.
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