Author Topic: T100 Family Wheeler. AKA the Mutant Turtle  (Read 14634 times)

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Re: T100 Family Wheeler. AKA the Mutant Turtle
« on: Nov 20, 2015, 02:23:10 PM »
so i got tired of only having two seats in my 1st gen crawler and decided it was time for a change. i origionally bought a 99 4runner to build but i have always been a truck guy so when this t100 came around i got to thinking.

i took a big step this Halloween and let the 83 go to a nice home in reno for 3K:

this left me with a budget to start collecting parts.

i am also a hoarder so i already have a FJ60 front axle with custom bobby long inner shafts and some machined spacers and IFS hubs to get it to 67.5" WMS to WMS, a full float FZJ80 rear, 5.29's for both axles, a Detroit and spartan locker for the axles, and install kits, a set of 23 spline dual cases, some 14" travel 5150's, 350 dollars in marlin gift cards and some old air bumps that need to be rebuilt.

next big step was tires.

picked these up last weekend for 1100. 37x12.5-R17 yokohama geolandar m/t's and some steel 17x9's with the toy bolt pattern, still need to measure backspace but i can work with that.
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