Author Topic: Finally gonna get my crawler back on the road  (Read 801 times)

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Finally gonna get my crawler back on the road
« on: Sep 15, 2015, 08:07:46 AM »
Went thru a few tough years and my poor yota has been sitting.  At this point I am now living in Truckee, ca which is where I grew up. So I feel more at home.  Anyways I had to sell off a few parts to make ends meet.
As of now I need an e-locker for the front and re gear it.  Gonna be heading to wrecking yard to get a pair of f-150 rear springs.  Im sure it will flex well and if I need more ill prob put in dual shackles.
hardest or should I say the most expensive thing I need is tires.  I plan on getting KM2's since they do well in the snow.  Tho it would be smarter to get a set of smaller tires for the winter.  Esp since its gonna be a bit before I can afford to get an e-locker and re gear it. 

One really cool thing is where I live or should I say where I have po box  I will not have to smog my truck ever again, so I am looking into an engine swap. Prob just gonna go with a 2rz or 3rz. Really depends on price.
Isnt too hard to find 2rz's cheaper then 3rz.  Well have to see. 
Thought bout a vw tdi diesel swap but they are even more expensive. 

Since I am living in a travel trailer here I dont have a shop to work out of so maybe I can find someone to share shop space or something. I am tryin to get work at Squaw valley as a groomer or a fleet mechanic.  Well see how that goes.   
Heck I have a 300M output shaft for my tcase thats been sitting around forever.  Still debating if I am gonna sell it or put it in. 

Anyways as soon as I get my truck back up here ill post some pics of the progress.

I picked up these 3 32x10.50x15 tires and 5 rims. Never seen these rims before but I am gonna take cracking clear coat off them and either sell em or try and find another 32 so I can drive my truck up here.
No idea who makes em but maybe a factory chevy rim from years ago ?

Rims...Guess who makes em ?

Ugg so blurry either or tires have a ton of tread left.


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Re: Finally gonna get my crawler back on the road
« Reply #1 on: Sep 15, 2015, 08:25:55 AM »
What's happening Josh, Dave here. Met you out in Byron, I have a black 84, linexed,bobbed,with hi lift Jack frenched into the bed. Glad to hear your doing good  :usa:
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