Author Topic: Go small or go home II, Where the heck is "Nankang" and what's a "Mudstar"  (Read 9308 times)

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OK at just over 5K miles they are showing little wear other than the sharp edges rounding ever so slightly. I will go ahead and rotate them next time I get a minute. They are wearing nice and flat.  Still quiet for what they are.  Most of my driving has been dirt and mud chores at the homestead, firewood and trips to town on the highway when he wife gets supplies.  I drive it to work about once a week these days too.

I am getting tired of reading and writing "about XX,000 miles on these tires!" on tire reviews.  Whatever, we need real data.  I am going to start posting actual mileage on updates on tire reviews...

Right now I have 60,946 miles on the odometer.  We will say 5,000 miles on the tires at this time which is fairly accurate based on my math.

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