Author Topic: Diesel GOAT: The one I wish Toyota would have built  (Read 111611 times)

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I don't want synthetic.. especially if it's cheaper lol.. show me 150ft of quality synthetic winch line on eBay for less than $150... :headshake: lol
but mostly because whenever I've winched, there have been some rocks and sand/gravel mounds to winch over. Synthetic is really great but I've yet to see 150 feet of quality synthetic with the UV protective layer like the spydura or trail gear or anywhere for less... in a few years I'll have some more cash then I might be interested in synthetic but to each his own

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Taken mine to Moab, Rubicon, Fordyce, etc. etc. and used the :pokinit: out of it. Works great.  :dunno: Those big name companies are selling you their name and the same stuff.


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