Author Topic: New truck project 93 xtra cab  (Read 30284 times)

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Re: New truck project 93 xtra cab
« Reply #60 on: Jul 15, 2015, 11:26:47 PM »
Ordered a pair of new 12" travel bilsteins for the front off ebay.  $135 shipped. :woohoo:

I need to take a wheel off my truck and measure the backspacing so i can order one more 17" rim so i can mount a spare and make a mount in the bed of the truck (hopefully).

I need to go find my list i made earlier, but what i think i have left is to move my steering box forward, mount front shocks, buy rear leafs and mount them (hangers/shackles/ubolts), rear shocks. bumpers and sliders, buy longfields, and give the whole truck a good look over.  That is the major stuff i plan to get done before mcr.  Possibly might need to buy a new battery and maybe do something about my motor.

I have a few other smaller projects that should be mostly free for me to finish.  For example, I need to install my rocklights. need to hook up my cb radio, need to mount my subs/capacitor/amp, install winch after i make a bumper, etc etc.  For the most part, i have everything to do simple stuff like that.


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