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Re: 1994 Pickup First Build Thread
« Reply #240 on: Jun 14, 2017, 02:20:05 PM »
Just curious what your end result is with the gas tank.

The new cylinder head has shipped and should be at my door step later this week :clap:

In the mean time I got the valve cover cleaned and painted up.  I also clearanced the ribs near the front of the cover to clear the ARP studs.

I went with Summit Racings black krinkle paint and really liked how it turned out.  Seems pretty durable and I'm thinking about using it on the other various brackets on the engine.

I also mocked the gas tank into place on the mounts I built at the rear of the truck.  I also scuffed up of bottom half of the tank and painted a couple layers of rustoleum's truck bed liner to help protect it from rocks and what not.  The truck bed liner went on pretty nicely and seems reasonably durable for rattle can stuff.

I like this location but realized I should have built the mounts at a slight angle so the tank sits a bit more level, but a little late for that now.  Any one see any issues with the tank being at a slight angle? 

If I end up leaving the tank in this location I'll plan to cut out part of the bed and build an enclosure around it that will allow me easy access to the top of the tank.
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