Author Topic: New Bfg At KO2  (Read 23631 times)

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Re: New Bfg At KO2
« Reply #60 on: Sep 11, 2016, 09:47:28 PM »
Update for those that are interested.

I got these tires put on at 213,626 miles on my tacoma.  The truck now has 236,194 miles on it.  So that means I have put 22,568 miles on these tires so far.  According to Bfg's website, these come new with 15/32" of tread on them.  Mine are now down to a hair under 10/32" of tread on them.  So that means in 22,568 miles they are at 67% tread (rounded).  I have only rotated these tires twice, so who knows if that has hurt the wear of them at all.  :dunno:  I have been extremely happy with them and will most likely buy them again when my truck needs another set of tires.