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1979-1983 1st Gen Toyota Hilux, Trailblazer, Wolverine
30 (39%)
1984-1988 2nd Gen Toyota Pickup Truck
17 (22.1%)
1984-1989 1st Gen Toyota 4Runner SUV
21 (27.3%)
1989-1995 3rd Gen Toyota Pickup Truck
5 (6.5%)
1990-1995 2nd Gen Toyota 4Runner SUV
4 (5.2%)

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Author Topic: 75-95 Toyota Pickup Truck 4Runner Part Liquidation Venue OEM ETC I ship from CT  (Read 148564 times)

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Do you have any AC parts for first gen pickups? LSPVs? Shift boot for a 4x4? Doesn't need to be in good condition, but I threw mine away not knowing I'd need to keep the metal retaining ring for it.
The orange 1st gen i parted out had AC but the aluminum lines with fittings were all seized together so I managed to sell the AC components that I could salvage from the rig for $300 shipped to cali but the lines were not all salvagable.  The 2-way LSPV (79-83 lspv is different than 84-95) sold for $120 and i'm out of stock on that style LSPV i have a couple 3 line LSPV's but theyve been dismantled for a bit so i would just consider advertising those on craigslist so the customer could see it first before they hand me the cash.  I sold the L43 shift boot for $70 that I had


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