Author Topic: Toyota 1982 stalls from time to time but always restarts seems like loss of fuel  (Read 902 times)

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 :help:my 1982 runs great normally but lately it dies on an idle at the light not all of the time just randomly but always starts right back up and the runs fine until the next light or idle then it clears up like nothing was ever wrong for a day or so and then starts randomly doing this anyone know what's going on?
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id start by checking the idle fuel cut  solonoid is working. i never had one stop working but iv had the o ring on the end get wore on a couple different trucks and it caused the trucks to die randomly at stops. slowly it gets worse until the truck dies at every stop and wont idle. the o ring is under $5 at the dealer and sometimes it can be next to impossible to tell there bad just by looking at them. good luck
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