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Another update!

Well I got some free time and did a few small things. Im mostly trying t do more labor intensive things until my cash flow is a little better.  :sad2:

I took Jack to the store to get some food before I got to work on taking the truck apart

Well anyways I got a Air cleaner housing from a buddy of mine so I got it installed for when she has to go get smogged.

Not a good picture because my hand where horribly dirty. But it works good I just had to make my own spacer for where the air cleaner meets the carburetor.

After, I got started to disassemble my entire front end body parts so a can wire wheel and prep for paint. But as I was doing that I got a horrible surprise...


There is a 4in crack that never got welded after someone tried "fixing" an accident. I should have figured this to be hidden in here somewhere. It just sucks. But Ill have some welding wire this weekend to start welding.

Removing body parts

Bye Bye hood

- 1989 Toyota 4runner ( 22re, Dana 44, Sterling 10.25, 4.10, Family Rig in Progress)

- 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser (E-locker, Old Man Emu Lift, 33's, and Armor)

- 1996 Ford F250 7.3L powerstroke (Flat Bed, Manual, 2wd on 33,s)

- (SOLD) 1979 Toyota 1st Gen pickup 22re swap(

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