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Soooooooo, Im very excited for this update. I know Y'all are like "shut up, Its just half doors and spray paint" haha but I have been looking for the right color for this truck for a long time! And I found it. So I completely finished ONE door. Caps and everything. All I need is sheet medal self tapping screws instead of the long head self tappers I have on her right now. Then ill be happy.

On to the pictures.

I found this in my shop so I think im going to free up the motor from the fan clutch and wire in the dual fans. Anything to help the little guy run better!

The door is stripped and ready to be cut.

Window for sale if anyone needs it. Just pay for shipping on top of price. PM me if anyone needs it.

Cut half the skin not time for the Inner.

Inner door skin is cut

I started capping them off and got bored fast ( I have the attention Span of a Nat  :shocking: ) So I kept on sanding and cleaning my rear frame...

Got most of the paint off so I can paint the door and caps. I finally found out what color Im going with so I wanna know some opinions if any ?


Yeah Yeah I seen the run after words too. This paint is sooooooo thick its crazy

Hammer Finish ?

Everything Back together

Well Well she got some seats put in and a ride down to the road to the store. Running kinda rough and I still cant get over 45mph  :help: I think its just tire size and lift but idk ? Also my carb keeps cutting out. Not dieind just bogging before I have to chance to shift ( In throttle completely not while letting off ). Might just need a rebuild here soon not sure. I snapped some pictures of the little trip me and Dusty my shop dog went on today


Well I wanted to see how much flex I had anddd not that much :/... It will work for now but with this suspention setup shouldnt I be getting more up travel. It seems I have drop but coming up into the truck seems sooooo stiff and it doesnt have the travel...

Interior random :pokinit:. Im gonna be that jerk but I F'ing LOOOVE toyota dash's. There awesome. Ive been waiting my whole life for one. Im so happy I got this truck!

So I get home and my old drift crew is at my shop so ehhh We had to go have some fun with the old team again :smokin:

My buddys 77 Celica. We just welded his diff so he had to play with it haha. Same motor that my truck has in it. 20R

And my 85 Celica Supra. Bone stock and I slide so much harder then both these cars with a wide open diff and an automatic. They dont understand how im burning the 240sx 5speed threw the turns and down the strait away.  :psss: they dont know what a 5mge can do !

I didnt get any pictures of us having fun we slide and dive so we dont get in trouble haha. Blew the head gasket in his 20R though  :joke:

Well today was a great day and to everyone watching this build and looking at my progress I thank you all. I have a amazing pair of trucks, a amazing Wife by my side, A awesome shop. And all the beer I could want. I am living the good life right now and hopefully I can keep this going for many years to come! Here is my favorite picture of the day. In all its glory I cant wish for a better pair. You fokes have a great Fathers Day and may God bless you and your family's. Until next time!

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