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Author Topic: Now including complimentary Toyota Trails & 4WD Toyota Owner magazines!  (Read 2242 times)

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Hey guys,

To help support Toyota organizations and magazines, we have teamed up with the Toyota Land Cruiser Association (TLCA) and 4WD Toyota Owner to bring you a complimentary issue of either TLCA's Toyota Trails publication or a 4WD Toyota Owner's magazine with most qualifying orders.

The What?

The Toyota Trails is the official award-winning publication of the Toyota Land Cruiser Association, a rich and vibrant community founded in 1976, that brings people together for the love of their Toyota's. Becoming a member of the TLCA is one of the best ways you can show your support for your Toyota. Membership is inexpensive (around $30/year) and provides discounts to events and access to meet like-minded Toyota 4WD enthusiasts.
Check out this page for membership benefits: http://www.tlca.org/join/membership-benefits.shtml

The 4WD Toyota Owner Magazine is an independent magazine geared for the thousands of Toyota owners who are tired of flipping through generic 4x4 magazines with limited Toyota related content. Bringing fresh, new, and an independent attitude to the 4WD community, 4WD Toyota Owner is a brilliant magazine with cover-to-cover Toyota 4WD tech articles and features. Subscribing to 4WD Toyota Owner is also inexpensive at just $20/year.
Click here for more info and to view the table of contents of past magazines: http://www.4wdtoyotaowner.com

The Why?

Back in the 1990s we helped the TLCA distribute Toyota Trails and other publications with our shipments. In teaming up together we helped the TLCA find new members. This year we decided it was time to check in on our friends at the TLCA and see if there was anything we could do to help spread the knowledge of this terrific Toyota-based organization. Also, our friends at 4WD Toyota Owner have grown into a highly successful magazine, and we want to help both cornerstones of the Toyota publication industry as much as possible. We are providing this little extra to our customers while helping influential Toyota organizations receive more exposure and ultimately new members! It's a win-win!

The How?

Due to the large volume of monthly shipments we cannot possibly supply each package with copies of both issues. Therefore we have set an order value of at least $100 to be eligible, and to spread the love around to as many people as possible, packages will receive either a Toyota Trails or a 4WD Toyota Owner magazine at random. Keep in mind that these are past episodes donated to us & we cannot guarantee every eligible order will receive a copy.

Because together we care!

Marlin Crawler encourages everyone to become a member of the TLCA as well as a subscriber to 4WD Toyota Owner to support the Toyota 4WD community and events world-wide! If you own a Toyota 4WD, then you owe it to yourself to man up and become active with these gemstones of the Toyota community!


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I think it's a nice step. Way to go guys. :thumbsup:
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