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jimbo74's 1996 Dodge B2500
« on: Dec 18, 2012, 10:33:51 AM »
So, as I currently don't have a Toyota, or a second vehicle... Here is my DD.... Maybe in the future, if it is still kicking, might become a tow rig, but I doubt it..... Time will tell on that one though

It is a 1996 Dodge Fullsize Glaval Primetime coversion van.

4 Capt's chairs, and a rear bench that seats 3 that can fold flat into a bed

It needs work, but does run. it is currently my DD. I am about to do a bunch of work to it.

It has a 3.9L V6, 3 speed automatic. Rear end has 3.5 gears. It is a B2500... so 3/4 ton van [why they put a V6 with a 3 speed auto and no overdrive -- i will never understand]

It has had a rough life.... Some of you might recognise this from years ago, my FIL got T-boned in it... it has since been repaired, not a classy job, but looks ok

It has near 200K on it now

Here are current pics, from about a week ago.


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