Author Topic: 87' 22RE Horrible idle surge, throttle useless.  (Read 820 times)

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87' 22RE Horrible idle surge, throttle useless.
« on: May 11, 2012, 07:46:48 AM »
I brought my truck into a mechanic with what i assumed was a bad TPS. I had no power above 3K RPM, I did a sweep-test with my OHM Meter and found the TPS had a deadspot. Not having any luck finding a new TPS down here in Costa Rica I figured the mechanic would have better resources.

When I brought the truck in it was still drivable. The mechanic putzed around with my truck for 2 weeks until I finally got fed up, headed down there and limped it out of his shop with the same busted TPS, but now in much worse condition than when I dropped it off.

Now its idle is all screwed up, It sweeps from 7K to 2K over and over and over. Messing with the throttle does nothing, I cant rev it, cant do anything. When I remove the TPS cable from the TPS it goes ape and redlines.

I can limp it around with the tach sweeping from 7K to 2K, bucking and chucking the whole drive.

I adjusted the TPS but that made no change, I assume the TPS is pretty much dead now but there must be some other issue at this point.

I found a crack in the air intake hose to the TB and fixed it up with some ducttape. Made no change. Checked for vacuum leaks but found none. I am wondering if maybe he hooked up some vac lines wrong. Need to check them all again.

Any ideas? Here is a video.



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My 22r did something similar and it was a bad ground on the coil. Don't know if that will help.
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