Author Topic: 1uz FJ40-build coming soon  (Read 6893 times)

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Re: 3rz FJ40-am i crazy!?!
« on: Apr 05, 2012, 03:11:15 PM »
I will use an adapter to run my W56 and dual cases behind the 1uz.  i have a few lying around i can go through until i can afford a W58.  I purchased a 92 sc400 motor today, should be here monday.  i will use megasquirt in place of the factory ecu.  the flywheel is a little tricky apparently but lc engineering has modified a 5vz wheel.  i wonder if Marlin can do the same.

once i put it all together and make sure it can fit in my FJ40, i have a patient buyer for my stock drivetrain, so i want to keep it intact.  it should pay for the majority of my swap.  the 1uz with wiring harness at 87,000 miles ended up being $300. there were a couple of newer vvti motors for around 5 but i didnt want to mess with the wiring. im figuring about $1000-1200 or so all said and done.  the 1uz makes 200+ ft lbs at 2000 rpms so its comparable to my factory 2F.  It should work out nicely.
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