Author Topic: Marlin Crawler 6th Annual KOH Thread (Feb 2012)  (Read 17765 times)

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the turbo is too small.. I have owned 3 turbo subarus all 2002 or newer. I have done all my own motor work for over 10 years on high hp 4 bangers.

the turbo is working too hard and there is no intercooler. look into turbonetics, or blouch. and maby look into how the mr2 dose there intercooler.  and i would swap out to a stand alone ems. I use aem in all my tuned turbos

I understand you are using water injection witch I have used and love, but never with out a intercooler.

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Hello woodythesamurai,

Thanks for your input :thumbs: We are using the stock bottom end on this rig, so we only needed a turbo to get us our 12 pounds of boost. :burnout:

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