Author Topic: white trash? i think? did you hammer coat your truck?? if not who on here did?  (Read 1554 times)

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this is actually makohon and am on my bros name... couldnt find out how to log out!! but who here used rustoleums hammer coat on there entire truck?? i love the paint but when i sprayed the tail end of my truck with it its not even... with the hammer effect?? you know what im talking about?? a little breze was blowing when i painted it and... thats all i could think of for it to not look even, it in some spots looks how it should and in others it looks smoother with less hammer effect?? were did you spray your truck?? let me know any tips and tricks to get it lookin how it should look!!!  :wave:  :beerchug:


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When I painted my 84 in charcoal hammerite it didnt look very good at all when I first started.  It eas just a normal charcoal color.  Then I wasnt paying very close attention when I painted a fiew strokes and it hammered right before my eyes.  It took me a moment to realize what I had done.  I had painted it so thick it was almost to the point of running.  So I repainted the parts I had alread done and it looked great!  It is very tricky to get the effect to come out even but it can be done.
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A trick I found out with the hammer paint was to use a black primer with the supposedly black hammer paint.  The hammer black paint actually looks more like a dark charcoal grey.  First,  I sprayed the primer, let it dry,  then sprayed a coat of the hammer rustoleum paint.  Doing so gave me a nice effect thus avoiding any thick and running spots.  Trying to get good coverage with the hammer paint alone ends up to thick and runny.  My best advice is experiment.
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