Author Topic: Anyone using Hydro assist with stock pump without issues ?  (Read 4964 times)

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Im almost finished installing my hydro assist but not sure if my stock pump will handle it.   I drilled out the pump restrictor as well as a overdrive pulley.
I was in the process of bleeding it and it seems like its on the weak side.  Tho while I was bleeding it,  the mount tie rod mount was just tacked on and it broke them fairly quickly.
Guess ill know for sure when I get the tie rod mounts fully welded on.

Post some pics of your hydro assist on a toyota axle.  Also would like to see how you run your lines. Mine run back and around and up with plenty of slack.  Prob. gonna zip tie the lines so they stay out of the way of bump stops.

Here is a pic of it tacked on.  The ram is very close to tie rod in pic because my tack welds broke.  Ill get some updated pics up so you can see the alignment.


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I'm running a stock pump with no problems.   i added a good size cooler off a mid 90's bronco/f150 and cut and welded 2 stock reservoirs together for a little more capacity.

I am running a 1.5 x 6 inch ram with the stock restrictor in the pump and I've had no problems with it.

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Nice  That helps out a lot.  The radi I had hooked up was just too restrictive so I need to go pick up a real trans cooler.  Ill see what napa wants for one off a 90s ford.
Everything is welded together and ready to get bleed,  just need to finish the radi and it should bleed out easy.

Ill get pics up this afternoon.


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Ya I liked the Bronco cooler because it held a lot of fluid, because the fins are full of fluid too. And it takes 1/4 npt fittings,  so 2 barbed fittings and some 1/4 inch P.S. hose and your done.

I also liked that it was $12.50 at the wrecking yard.  just look for an "O.J Simpson" Bronco


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I ran a 1.5"x6 ram with the stock pump (restrictor drilled out).  Handled it fine, No issues with speed.  You will definitely want a larger reservoir and tranny cooler to boot.
Happen to have one for sale right now :), cheap.  Have a larger resi too.

Enjoy the easy turns!!!  Ram assist rules
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Ya. Gotta have the cooler. I've been running welded front without the cooler the fluid gets too hot even just locking in the hubs on a dirt road. I could smell it and was so hot couldn't touch the res. Still works well but gotta install my cooler before I burn something up
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I'm running a stock pump with unmodified restrictor and a 1.5x6 ram.  stock reservoir and and a big cooler.  never had any problems with it.  works great.
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Yep. Stock pump with 5x15 cooler and a 1.75"ram.  Had it on for 5 years
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My system seems like its fighting its self. Sometime it turns really nice, other time can barley turn it. Changes with rpm sometimes.
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