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Re: Wenhar's Question Thread
« Reply #180 on: May 10, 2011, 08:37:26 PM »
cirtifiable? idk about that maybe a cirtified lunatick

Crazy for sure Not Stupid,,, Now Story time since I cant figer out how to do squat on my website,,

Told this story before but maybee you guys havent heard it,,

Now 86booberboytoy is hanging out in his shop and a traveling grease sales dude swings in and says, Hey I got some grease that holds up real good under extreme shock and pressure,

Let me see that grease you have been using, sales dude takes Boober.s grease sets it on a vise and smacks it with a hammer, it splatters everywhere,

Then the sales dude takes out his grease does the same thing and it stays put,,

Booger says hey thats cool I will by a few cases of that stuff,

A year or so goes by and bobing for boys is hanging out in the shop and a different sales dude shows up has the same pitch so he give him some of the grease the original sales dude sold him

Sets it up and smacks it on the vise, well it splatters everywhere, but since this is a Toyota sales dude Boober believes him and buys his grease,

When really its just the way you hold the hammer , hit it dead on it stays put, hit it at a angle and it splatters,

Now this story usually ends with the grease monkey chasing the lying sales dude out of the shop,
but since Booberboytoy is brainwashed,
he believes the Toyota salesman and just thinks that the original grease that did not splatter on the first sales dude, Wait, gear oil got in it some how

Or it went bad ???

Or it got water in it ?


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