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Re: Wenhar's Question Thread
« Reply #180 on: May 10, 2011, 08:26:17 PM »
haha this :pokinit: is funny,
you have acted so stupid!! your name on this forum is a flopp!n joke,
I could never take you seriously after all the lame crap you have spilled,
I wonder how retarted you are in person?
you might be an awesome dude, but from what I have read that you have written, your LAME
and what I would call a "DOOF"

Thanks, You are very kind, Do you have the specs on the bushing or like posting kind remarks,?

Hey can you at least give me the run down on this Turtle points deal looks like I am @ -15 and youre @ -20 ???

What does this mean? wont post up any decent technical information so lets talk about the stupid stuff ,,,

Silly Crawler,, dude you should do some reading on the4x4network you cant insult me, dont work

Simply does not, I realize that is all you have but It dont work,,, I have the Trade Secret Toyota Goop and shipping it out , so

Go ahead, but wont work, each time you post up on this thread you look as stupid as you say I am

Wont answer a simple technical ?  Fall into the Brainwashed Clown section, and I for sure know how to deal with them,

Really look @ Yota neck, now that dude is smart, having a sample shipment of the proprietary goop on its way to his shop,
Zipping thru the steps as soon as he gets it sticks it in a axle and sees #1 that it dont leak, what else is left,

Go out and shock and pound the :pokinit: out of his wheeler rig, ( what this grease does real good with)
Sticks it in a puddle of water for a week, whatever, because you know what, it aint this crazy grease monkeys idea,,

It is Toyota of Japan,,,and before that, Old man Willies used it in millions of Rigs,

So classic, post up some info dont insult,  but thank you 86 Boober boy toy,


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