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Re: Wenhar's Question Thread
« Reply #180 on: May 10, 2011, 11:43:55 AM »
Also can I put the goop in my axle end to end? Then I won't have to worry about inner seals anymore, seems like it would work since the last time my seal gave up it pretty much looked like your "goop".

Rock Surfer,

Now this is a interesting concept you bring up ,, a level 3 discussion, now you will have to some reading on the4x4network to understand what a level 3 discussion is but

Yes, there may be some advantage, yet to be discussed and debated of doing just this, while this goop could be thinned somewhat and still contained in the knuckle,

Yep pop the seals, fill it all with a thinner mixture of goop, just thick enough to where it does not discharge more that a Class 1 leakage,

May hold some advantage, mostly for moisture, this base of grease is known to absorb it and draw it away from steel,
and you would only have one fill plug to fill,,

But yes Level 3 discussion, Okay I will fill you in on the 3 levels,

#1 To be met with ridicule

#2 To be met with resistance

#3 To Have those in groups 1 and 2 then view the information to be self evident,

Self evident, "Masters of the obvious"

Oh you would want to have the baffle in the axle if filling it with all the same lube, there is a baffle just behind the axle seal on some axles, others dont ???

And I have read of Rover folks doing this with their version of the "Live" driven enclosed steering axle,,,

This will all have to be tested monkeyed with and see how it did,,,
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