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Re: Wenhar's Question Thread
« Reply #180 on: May 10, 2011, 09:40:01 AM »
Wow... ok, it's you're, from you were or you are.  Nice mr. backwardspeaker, but the reason your posts are difficult to understand is because you don't use proper english, spelling or sentence structure.

What darkness do you speak of?  And please explain to me how your post just furthered your cause?

I don't understand how you could be so ignorant and arrogant at the same time.  I'll say it again; POST SOMETHING FACTUAL OR GO AWAY!

What darkness do I speak of ?

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Originally Posted by backwoodsgoop View Post
You do absolutly no good when you have your whell bearings repacked with lithium.
First, as I stated above, the TRUNION bearings and the BIRFIELD use the moly grease...the WHEEL bearings use normal MP grease.

About the worst thing you can do to these things is not operate the 4x4 drive . The upper trunion bearing is usually what fails first because the lube isnt flung around in there without it in 4x4. occasionally operate 4x4. To insure it stay happy.

really.....4wd ONLY effects the grease in the birfield...the trunion is activated ANY time you steer the truck, and the wheel bearings anytime you move the truck. If you'd EVER seen the inside of a Toyota knuckle, then you would know there is zero chance of any grease being 'flung' to the upper trunion bearings.

Again, you prove that you've never seen a Toyota axle, worked on a Toyota truck, or have any clue what you are talking about.

I'm done - thread closed, you are banned.

Brian 'woody' Swearingen - -

1974 FJ40, 1995

Here is a source of darkness,

I was asked by this leader of the darkness, I mean the Dictator of the Darkness to prove I knew what I was talking about,

I accepted this challenge from the owner and operator of one of the largest on-line Toyota dealerships,

Because as you see he does not understand the rheological aspect of this axle with upper trunnion lubrication,
and the simple fact that in NO mechanical device that is not sealed from each other is 2 different types of grease used as per Toyota FSM

This is the proof the question that I ask to measure the spindle bushing and examine the lube grooves and placement,

This is the proof and you will not post it, only nonsense

Well like I said I have a unlimited supply of that if that is what you want,   


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