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Re: Wenhar's Question Thread
« Reply #180 on: May 10, 2011, 09:30:59 AM »
You are completely oblivious, aren't you?  We don't have to "bring it", you're the one trying so unvaliently to prove us wrong, therefore you need to "bring it".  To date, the only thing you've proven is you're a quoting tool.  Making random quotes does absolutely nothing toward proving the validity of your vague arguments.  It's democratic speak.  Throw down some facts and actual proof or go home.

I am Trying to get you to post the facts, the measurements of the new bushing, installed,

This is required, Some Crawler needs to give me all the information about this bushing, every possible fact , proof,

My findings are questioned, ridiculed , Till I get some Turtle thinking for him or herself, then I will not get anywhere,

POST the Proof, the measurements of the bushing the depth and width of the 2 lube grooves,

Then the fact that †his bushing is designed to have lube flow thru it will be established, and the reason why on a factory installed bushing , one of the lube grooves is always located at the lower most part of the bushing,

Done so for a reason,

And that would be to allow said lube flow to last possible point if unmaintained,

Good, nice engineering,

I need you to post your own proof


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