Author Topic: the family build of my little girls wheeler  (Read 9449 times)

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Re: the family build of my little girls wheeler
« Reply #30 on: Jul 08, 2011, 11:45:25 AM »
yea im lazy, the only place the builds been posted, but since im at it ill try n get it up to date..

ok so i did dual cases
installed 529's and the second arb
the wife helped and toredown and we put in longfiels
then shaved and trused the rear axle
and it had been in an accident my dad never told me about which bent the passenger frame rail and made it shorter so i plated it and cut n stretched it so now the frame is square
 i also had help from bluemagoo in makeing a new trans x member that bolts to the back of the t case.
dont have picks of it all but will take some after done picks n post em.
next came the exo n sliders but still working on that n other stuff
the duals got the new triple stick setup which i love o and the duals have marlin 4.7's in the back case
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luv ta crawl an camp


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