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Re: My Reverse Shackle YJ Suspension,....
« on: Dec 14, 2010, 09:59:35 PM »
Now for the back,......

Rear View

Leaf hanger bracket uses the hole from the stock rear hanger to align new bracket, then bracket is welded into place.

Prior to adjusting pinion angle, drive line is not lined up correctly,....

Driver side view,......

Stock rear shackle hanger get re-used with new longer shackles that are tapered for the YJ Spring width,......

You can see here the stock hanger is left in place and the YJ leaf hanger is bolted up to align the new location and then it is welded into place.........

Pinion angle after adjusting it with 2' down from output shaft and installing drive line spacer...Grinding the old perches off the axle was a pain,....and I used a 3 hole adjustable rear perch to move the rear axle back an 1".....

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