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Re: duel cases
« on: Jan 06, 2003, 06:02:17 AM »
The chain drive cases came only on auto trans in 87. What you will nee to find is any gear driven case after 81. the best to get would be a top shifting case that came from an EFI truck.  Your truck may have a forward shift case in it now, or a top shifter like in the top pic on Cruzilla's post.

If you can only find a forward shifting case Marlin does sell the conversion kit. It could also be a good time to put in a short throw shifter.

If your stock case is forward shift you can leave it in as the crawl box and put the top shift in the rear. If you have a top shift case, then you can build the new case as the crawl box and put it between.

Or I could be wrong and the mediction is talking.
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