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Re: Project Crawler Hauler
« Reply #30 on: Mar 23, 2006, 08:45:45 PM »
Man...I guess I really should have updated this thread a while ago  :smack:

I successfully installed the used ATS turbo kit, a 4" exhaust, and the gauges back in October.  I also turned up the injection pump 2 flats to increase the fuel flow to compensate for the increased airflow.  The kit uses a non-wastegated turbo, so it only generates about 8lbs of boost, unless heavily loaded.  With the trailer in tow on a big hill, it'll hit 11psi.  Definitely not Cummins or Powerstroke boost, but it runs GREAT!

The exhaust I used was a 4" mild steel kit by MBRP intended for a 96 Powerstroke.  I figured it would just need some fabbing to adapt to my ATS 3" downpipe, but would otherwise bolt-in, as the 96's were the same bodystyle as my 92.  Boy, was I wrong.  NONE of the hangers lined up quite right.  Turns out, adapting it to my ATS downpipe was the easy part.  I used a section of the Powerstroke downpipe (where it flares from 3" to 4") to make an adaptor for my ATS downpipe.  I then welded a section of the 4" MBRP exhaust to that, and ran it straight back to the muffler.  I was able to tweak the tailpipe and muffler hangers to get it all in, but still didn't have any hangers on the mid-pipe (between the downpipe and the muffler).  As luck would have it, the factory hanger bolted into the frame, and the frame was pre-drilled in several locations for exhaust hangers.  I was able to relocate the factory midpipe hanger, and fab a mount on the midpipe using a 4" exhaust clamp to hold things up.  I finished it off with a nice polished 5" tip, so it at least looks powerful  :greengrin:I haven't had any trouble with it so far, and it looks and sounds great!

The Turbo housing was another source of trouble, as the up-pipe and downpipe just didn't seal up properly.  ATS designed the system to just slip-fit, with no seals or gaskets.  They relied on soot from the exhaust to form a seal  :hammerhead:  I was really disappointed to fire up the truck for the first time and hear the tick tick tick of a leaky exhaust on the other side of the firewall.  I fought that leak with several different kinds of sealant and pipe expanders, but to no avail.  I resigned to live with an exhaust leak.  Well now, after 6 months and 5000 miles, the soot has sealed things up quite nicely.  ATS was right...  Still a stupid design, in my opinion, but it does work. 

I'll work on getting some pics of the exhaust and the turbo setup this weekend.

I've also installed some Factory 95-97 alloy wheels  :bling:, and a set of leveling springs in the front.  Again, I need to work on some pictures of that. 

Future plans include:

- SAS it with a Dana 60 from a single rear wheel F350 so I can eliminate the stupid TTB Dana 50 that's in there.  It just tends to wear my tires funny anyway...

- Expand the sound system to include some new speakers, a Sub, and an Amp.  My upgraded Kenwood deck and 30G MP3 player are nice, but could be nicer

-Ditch the bench seat for some nice buckets and a center console.  I HATE bench seats, and mine's useless with the manual trans anyway

Stay Tuned!

'84 Hilux, locked, dual-cased, winched, EFI converted, 37" tired, half-doored (in the summer...)
'87 Supra, 400 HP.  smooth as glass at 130 'cause my tires are NEW!...
'92 F250 Diesel, tow rig, ATS Turbo, leveling kit, killer stereo


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