Author Topic: Valve Adustment - Aftermarket Cam?  (Read 1724 times)

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Re: Valve Adustment - Aftermarket Cam?
« on: Sep 28, 2010, 05:39:31 PM »
very informative thread right there - thank you, superyota - that one didn't come up while searching...I bet all the new guys say this. :greengrin:
My first reaction after watching that video is that mine sounds pretty similar, but its hard to tell from a video.  I did get a new gasket kit, but only used the squish washers since my gasket still looked pretty good.  However, now that I know that could be the cause, I will swap it out :biggthumpup: I'll also look for grooved and worn adjusting screws.

As far as the correct lash - i've seen recommendations all over the place.  .006&.008, .006&.009, .007&.010, .007&.011, .008&.012  not to mention the whole operating temp or cold issue.  Is there really a "correct" lash or are there too many variables and I need to just play with it and see what works best for my motor?

i'll post up what I find once i swap out the valve cover gasket.
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