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Re: TC Questions
« on: Aug 03, 2002, 01:23:48 PM »
I Just realized that no one has solved your problem... So i will.

I have found 2 cases that will work. 1 is an 83' and the other is a Turbo 87', each is a $100.00. Now i only want to buy 1 which one would be better and why?

Hands down the Turbo 87' is better. Don't tell who ever you are buying it from, but if it is a real turbo t/case, then it will have a 23-spline input that alone is around $235 from the dealer.
If the size is not obvious enough, then just count the # of splines on the input; 21-splines for the 83' and 23-splines for the Turbo. If the Turbo does not have 23-spline, then he is lieing and it is just a 84+ t/case.
Even so, in June of 84, Toyota redesigned the gears and made them run a bit quieter, so the 87' -- even if it is not a true Turbo -- is still the better case to buy because it features a quiter gear design.

Is the adapter the same price?

Yes, but only for the kit: 21- or 23-spline are both the same price.
Now on a Unit, P/N# MC07-U23 for instance, we have to supply that special 23-spline input gear, so the price goes up, in this case $150 more (we sell the input new from Toyota for $165 but offer it for $150 in the unit :monkey: ).

Will the 87' mount up to the 85' easily?

It is solely dependant on the style of t/case that you are running in the rear (the one running the drive lines). No matter the application / year / style / engine / transmission / I dont care / the rear t/case MUST be a top shifter period! because our adapter plate is designed to be so short, we can not use a forward shifting t/case behind it, only a top shift t/case.

So if your 85' T/case is from an EFI truck, then it is top shifting and can be used behind anything.

Now listen, if that 87' is a Turbo, then you can not input it into your transmission unless it too is a Turbo transmission (R151F). Soooooooo, assuming you have a 21-spline transmission, you can run a 21-spline input in the crawl box, then a 23-spline coupler in the adapter plate, and use the 23-spline input from the Turbo t/case in your rear t/case. (Try to stay with me, Remember that the turbo is a forward shift t/case, so, if you want to use it as the rear t/case and attach the drive lines to it, then you will have to convert it to a top shift t/case (we have a kit for this). Otherwise, you can interchange inputs > put the 85's 21-spline in the Turbo 87's case, and put the Turbo 87's 23-spline input in the 85' case, they are interchangeable and a direct swap/bolt in exchange.)

So trying to keep the train on the tracks, here is what you would have if your buy the Turbo 87' and it is a real 23-spline Turbo t/case:
(21-spline transmission) > (21-spline crawl box input) > (23-spline crawl box adapter coupler) > (23-spline rear t/case input).
So that's a: 21-21-23-23 setup -- And we offer this as a kit too -- it's called a Heavy Duty 21-spline Crawler and no one really knows about it because I only had it up on the webpage for about a month and never really merged it into the dualcase section.

This post is really long and I forgot where I am now.
Lets make things simple again and reply to me with what ever questions remain that I have not covered yet.

Thanks in advance,
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