Author Topic: 4 speed to 5 Speed???  (Read 2175 times)

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Re: 4 speed to 5 Speed???
« on: Dec 19, 2004, 10:27:10 AM »
If you get a forward shift G52,G54, or certain W56's, your shifters will nut move but your tranny mount will need to be moved. I just put a G54 in my 83 replacing my L52. the shifters are in the same location as the L52 but the tranny is a few inches longerbetween the bell housing and T case I had too move my T case mount a few inches. I welded my crossmember on as a temp fix while I make a new mount. The nice thing about the forward shift is your shifters are in the same location but you get a few more inches for your  driveline angle, and save some space on your floor board if you do dual cases.  :turtle:
Sounds like more tree huggin hippie bull :pokinit:


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