Author Topic: Attention all 4Runner lovers!  (Read 19025 times)

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Re: Attention all 4Runner lovers!
« Reply #210 on: Jul 01, 2010, 08:40:46 AM »
Just playing the devils advocate I guess, but if both had votes well over 10k, and they were only within 800 of each other, I didn't really understand why the other guy was suspected of cheating?  Doesn't sound unreasonable to me, maybe he has his own connections like this and they were on it hard from day one?   :dunno:

P.S. Dude had this on no less than 12 other forums, most of the time copying and pasting the exact reply on each one.  He offered to give his 88 away on ih8mud as well, and even had it on some civic forum saying that if he won, he'd put his old civic on his old truck frame.  Bah.  ::)

I may feel a little used right now if I had voted.  He hounded us daily through June 6, and hasn't logged in since.  He doesn't even remember us enough to come back and give us an update.  :(
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RIP Kyle, we love and miss you man.  :smooch:
thanks for the smooch I miss you too !  :yesnod:


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Re: Attention all 4Runner lovers!
« Reply #211 on: Jul 01, 2010, 09:59:07 AM »
^^ I couldn't agree more. I didn't know how many other forums he joined just to get votes, but I found a few of them -- in each case, he was a new member and his only activity was trying to get votes.  :shakehead:
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Re: Attention all 4Runner lovers!
« Reply #212 on: Jul 01, 2010, 11:25:31 AM »
Not that I did before, but I definately don't feel bad for not only not voting, but for completely avoiding this thread all together until it popped up again today.  Why waste my time voting for somebody else to win something when I don't know them and haven't had the time to figure out if I like them?  I would have been more tempted to help out had he not constantly spammed the site and shoutbox.  For all I know, I may really get along with the dude who won and not the op so  :dunno:

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Re: Attention all 4Runner lovers!
« Reply #213 on: Jul 02, 2010, 11:55:50 AM »
Only reason I have not posted anything on forums, The drama that has been involved OMG.I've tried posting on i*mud was to calm the people down from freaking out and ruining this all for me. Once they announce the winner on the 6th of July I can let everyone read the writeup I've been doing. I've hated not being on the forums like I was during the contest. But between the stress of my migraines and this entire contest I needed a break.

I'm glad to see someone has at least noticed the ammened rules. So you should know who's in who's not ;) I've not dissappeared. Hopefully the writeup I have will clear everything up. <--For me till May 30. Currently in 3rd place.


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