Author Topic: Marlin Crawler "Lefty" in '06 4Runner V8  (Read 13542 times)

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Re: Marlin Crawler "Lefty" in '06 4Runner V8
« Reply #30 on: Jun 13, 2011, 03:19:15 PM »
good question: first, this lefty is far from a standard case. Nearly everything in this case is upgraded from it's stock counterpart ...gears, bearings, oiling, etc. are all upgraded ,not to mention the outer case itself is stronger where it needs to be with the Lefty. The CNC'd center section is much stonger than a stock case. Second, while it might be possible to do a right hand drop, there are clearance issues with this truck on that side that make it harder; I actually considered that but after close inspection, a passenger drop will definitely be more difficult to clear everything.

For this build though, the biggest determining factor was the deal I got on the ProRock 60s. They just happened to be the right size, right gears and were driver side drop.

With a V8, I would not recommend a stock geared case. I think a Lefty or maybe an FJCruiser case with a crawler box is the better choice. Although with the FJCase/crawler combo, you'll still likely have to do a gas tank modification. The other option with this truck that hasn't been done yet (that I know of) is an Atlas.


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