Author Topic: Tis the season, BBQ anyone?  (Read 99308 times)

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Re: Tis the season, BBQ anyone?
« Reply #900 on: Apr 25, 2015, 04:24:21 PM »
I've got a pound of salmon sitting in brine gettin ready for the smoker this weekend. Did some short ribs the other day on the propane grill. I know propane is for losers  :down:. It was a free grill though.

Taste the meat, not the heat  :haha:  I have propane too and have come close to buying a smoker, but I'm not that good at planning ahead.  I don't often get home from work until around 7, and it sucks to have to wait much longer for dinner.  May trade a brick of .22 for a smoker from a guy at work, so hopefully I can catch some salmon this year to try!  Probably going to get a smoker kit for the propane bbq and see how that works, too.
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