Author Topic: Tis the season, BBQ anyone?  (Read 99406 times)

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Re: Tis the season, BBQ anyone?
« Reply #900 on: Apr 24, 2015, 06:13:57 AM »
I just found a old oil tank for FREE!!  I will get pictures tomorrow.  I was gonna grab the trailer and go get it after work, but I called and he said it was a 1000 gallon tank, and very heavy.  Got there, it wasn't as big as he was saying.  I came home and grabbed the trailer, and after work tomorrow, I go get it.  Would have gotten it tonight, but my toolbox was in the way. 

Here is ideas I have for it.  Not sure which. 


Or upright:

First thing I think.  Vertical setup gives more room for heat control with racks set higher or lower.  Fill it with different items at different heights according to desired smoking time.
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